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Everyone is hungry for the latest updates and cutting edge data in epigenetics. To make sure you leave EpiC with the most valuable information you’ll receive three key takeaways and action points from every session. With over 25 sessions that’s at least 75 tangible ideas to implement when you get back to the office or lab.

75 Key Takeaways of EpiC London Meeting


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The underlying mechanisms of epigenetic regulated gene expression are being uncovered at a rapid pace. Therefore vast opportunities lie within this deeper biological understanding and through the application of advanced technologies this is resulting in improved drug discovery of novel classes of epigenetic targets.

With huge amounts of epigenetic data available and being produced attend this meeting to uncover what that data can really show you and what that means for the future of epigenetics. 

EpiCongress London connects you with the European epigenetics community to better understand the role of epigenetics in a variety of human disorders and enhance future drug discovery and development.
Pool expertise, share best practices and leave this meeting armed with the knowledge to bring the next big thing to your lab!